Monday, December 16, 2013

final blog post

Divorce is a horrible thing that when couples go through this is hard.   70%  People who get divorced  said that they wished that they had saved the marriage. I find that is so interesting that most people would like to make a marriage work and resolve issues rather than giving up on the marriage. I will say that I that to make a marriage work that you both need to have open communication and clear boundaries with work and with family so that they don't over step those boundaries. I have found also that as I have seen my brothers and sisters get married that when they do have a conflict that they will work it out by talking with each other and come up with a solution to the problem. I am grateful for the examples that I have to learn how to make a marriage work. Something that I have learned to is when people do get divorced it affects not just them but also the children and the other families as well. Also if a couple does get divorced to not make the other person look bad but to always be on the positive side to make sure that the children can still have a good relationship with the person. I hope I can make sure to have good open communication and to learn patience and understanding where the person comes from. Sometimes Divorce is the solution but for the most part I feel like most things can be worked out even if they are serious problems and both people in the relationship what to make it work. I was told once that marriage is not for I you it is for the other person.  learning to put the other person first and to learn sacrifice. I also find that when I put god first I am more able to love my family better when I do.  Marriage is hard but I will say that it is worth it to make it work and it does take work but I find that I will much happier in the end if I am willing to work things out then to get a divorce.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Parenting is something for one thing is not easy but the rewards are amazing when you see your children succeed in life adventures. I find there are many different ways to parent but I find that there are better ways then others to do to have the best outcomes. I also think that it is amazing to see how different things work with different families. I also find that it depends on the child as to want to do to help them become the best person they can be.  I have seen throughout my life how different each of my brothers and sisters are raising their children and to watch and learn from them. I enjoy learning how I can be an active parent in my future children's lives.  I find that parenting is not a easy task and it takes a lot of love , patience to raise children.  I know there will times were parenting will be harder than others but I also know It is a wonderful experience and it is amazing to see what your children will do in their lives. Me personally I think I lots to learn about parenting before I come a mother in the future and I am sure that I will still learn when I do become a mother. I am grateful know that I can learn more about good parenting skills for the future and to know that there are many wonderful examples in my life that I can turn to for guidance. I am also grateful for the wonderful opportunity that I have to such wonderful parents and to learn all that I can from them.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Communication in a relationship is very important
When we communicate with others it says a lot about what we are thinking and how others interrupt what we are saying. I also think what we say says  something about who we are and we want others to see us as a person.  I also in any relationship that we have it helps to be open and honest so that we say what we want to say. Sometimes I find that when I take the time to think about what I want to say I am careful to make sure that it is what to say. Communication is something that I have and will continue to do so that I can become a better communicator. I also find that it is interesting to see what difference it makes to have good, open communication and how much better the relationship can be. I hope that I communicate what I want to say to others. When it comes to marriage it is important that each person can what they are saying but also to not feel hurt because of something that was said. As I continue to learn more I hope that I can be a good communicator with my family and future family.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thesis : Familys deal with crises in different ways section 8

Families deal with crises in different ways and they overcome them. I have found that with my family we try to work together to overcome crises that come your way. For example when my mother's mom passed away my mother went out earlier to say goodbye and to spend the last few days with her. At home we worked together to make sure that meals were made and that siblings got picked up from school and stuff while still working. I felt overwhelmed with everything and I got a migraine for the first time in awhile with everything that was going on but I was grateful when it was done so that I could morn the loss of my grandmother and go on with life. It was hard but I was able to become closer with my family. For other families that have lost a loved one it can be devastating and heartbreaking not knowing if they will ever get to see them again. I also think of the want they could have done and lost the moments that they didn't get to have or say to the person which can be hard. I am grateful that I have the gospel in my life and the knowledge that I can see my family again in the life to come.

Friday, November 8, 2013

post 7

This week we have learned about being  fully committed in marriage and to work through the hard times. I have found that sometimes people don't always go into marriage with the mind set to work through the trails and that things are not fun anymore so they just get divorced instead of trying to work things out. It is also interesting to see that people that do work through the hard times are grateful that they did. I thought it was good to understand that everyone is different and that it takes effort and patience to make a marriage work among other things too. Sometimes I have found that it is good to set boundaries with coworkers and friends so that they do not get in between you and your spouse. I hope when I am married that I will work at communicating well and learning how to work together. It is amazing to see the marriages that work and the couples that work together to make the marriage work. I am grateful that I have good examples of how to make a marriage work. I know that marriage is a wonderful thing and that it is rewarding, also I know that it takes work and is not always fun but well worth it.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

week 6

This week we talked about marriage. I would say that marriage is a wonderful thing and it does take work. It was interesting to learn about how I can communicate better when I am married and have children. I think it is good advance to talk things over before you are married so that you come to a understanding of how things will be. I also think that it is good to work on communication and problem solving skills before you get married so that each of you can be open and understanding of the other person. I thought it was very nice to learn to how to communicate well in a marriage and to be open with my future spouse so that we can have good talking skills. I am grateful for parents that can show me how to make a marriage work and to work together to help lighten each person's load. Marriage is a wonderful thing and it is a amazing thing. It does take work but it is well worth the effort. I am grateful that I have wonderful examples in my life to help me understand how I can make a marriage work through the hard and good times. I have also come to find that as I am willing to work to at preparing myself for marriage I can become the best person I can be for my future husband and family. I also think that it is a good idea to make sure that I am willing to make things work and to understand that it does take work.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dating week 5

This week I have learned about the importance of dating. I have learned that it is important to do a variety of different dates and to date a variety of people to understand what I really what in a spouse. It is interesting to see how dating as changed over the years like over the years people used to go on lots of dates with many people. Now it seems like people date a few people and if they are  going to date it seems like one date can u could be boyfriend and girlfriend. It is also interesting to see that sometimes people have ideas about what dating is.